“We are an Ecumenical Catholic Faith 'Famiy!”

We are a Catholic Christian community that is committed to the person of Jesus Christ and to His teaching. We accept and believe the testimony of His apostles who were His first disciples and eyewitnesses of His life, death, and resurrection from the dead. It was these same disciples who passed on to the church their own testimony about the person of Jesus and the events of His life. Embodied in their testimony are the very teachings of Jesus Himself.


St. Anthony Cathedral Abbey

5247 Sheridan Street

Detroit, MI 48213-2868


Chancery:   (888) 560-5509 - Toll Free

D/L:   (313) 673-5318




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Western Region Diocese of the United States


The Most Reverend M. J. Kimo Keawe, CIOM, S.T.M., M.Th., D.D

Apostolic Nuncio of the Western Region of the USA ~ Archbishop


  • California:      Archdiocese of California

                               Diocese of Sacramento

  • Hawai`i           Diocese of Hawai'i

  • Texas:             Diocese of Laredo, TX

  • Ohio               Diocese of Columbus OH

  • South Pacific  and

  • Western Samoa


Western Region Clergy & Parishes




The Most Reverend Tony Scuderi, DD, PsyD, D.Min

Metropolitan Archbishop of California

The Cathedral Church of St. Anthony of Padua and St. Francis of Assisi (Sacramento, CA)





Reverend Jacob Levy

Pastor, Archangels and Seraphim Parish



Reverend Julio Martin Giraldo (Bogata, Colum,bia)

Clergy-in-Residence (Los Angeles, CA)


Reverend Pedro Lemasa, Jr. (Hawai'i)


Reverend John Meulendyk (Michigan)


Reverend Anthony Capretta, OFM (Ohio)


Reverend Carlos Rivera (Texas)


Ecumenical Catholic Church of Christ Parishes


Blessed Damien of Moloka’i Outreach Ministry (HI) 

Archangels & Seraphim (CA)

The Cathedral Church of St. Anthony of Padua

and St. Francis of Assisi (CA)

Community of Charity Independent Old Catholic Church, Inc. (OH)

Latin American Ecumenical Catholic Mission (TX)

Ecumenical Catholic Mission of Samoa (Samoa) 

Ecumenical Catholic Mission of Tahiti (Tahiti)


In Ecumenical Relations


Most Reverend Mark Elliot Newman, OC

Presiding Bishop

Catholic Apostolic Church of Antioch


Reverend Edik Baron - Pasadena, CA